Are You Alive?

Aviary toilet experience



Cosy in the back

Steve goes through male menopause

Outdoor pooping 


And half a dozen fridges

I’ll sabotage that motherfucker

Til the bitter end

Jeffsus & Glant

I’m only interested in my cigarettes

Karl is kaos

The narrative has conflict

Object v people

The object is irrelevant

Come with nothing

Leave with nothing

Make a mess

It’s a game we’re playing

Once there was a garage 

Look at the things we’re making

Does anyone want to come paint white ware in the rain?

It is the sound of art

I am full of rage

Don’t catch yourself on the elements

Everybody loves a rainbow cunt

The colours are just a dream

Banana Tim Tam glaze

Multiple swimmers


What would Jeffsus do?

It is a movement

We are not crackheads

Brickell brain

Release the prisoners

In the vastness of the stars

What do you see?

Turkeys. And people punching them

Your buns are so much sweatier than mine

Kransky hot puss cheese

$23 for a kilo

Concrete ocean trapped

Not like submarine trapped

Early sushi

Fake smoking in bars

You can fit inside the ball

It’s all about the grind

Paul is swaying like a circus elephant

Luella is the lion with the toothache

Karl’s gone sausage hunting

Jeffsus waits outside

Super glue posters to New Plymouth

Tell them we’re coming

It’ll unfold as it will

It’s out there now

Are you alive?